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Des Donnelly has over 30 years working with IT. His experience is with both small and large companies having worked in London, New York and Moscow and on consultancy throughout Europe & the USA. Des has over 20 years internet experience and even remembers trawling the early net with Gopher and then Mosaic, the very first browser… (in fact there’s a good chance he has the original exe’s somewhere)

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Via he is an award winning  Google GSuite Partner,  a  Google Top Contributor and Google Certified Administrator.
via  Learn.Irish  he is a founder in the  Dot Irish Founder Program  and the first Irishman in Ireland to own a dot Irish
via  Rexco Domains  he is registering domains since 1999
via  he produces occasional technology related articles and observations.


  • GSuite from Google Cloud
  • Domain portfolio management and domain registration
  • Custom Android™ solutions
  • Organisational change management in a Software as a Service context
  • IT Troubleshooting
  • Wifi mesh creation & configuration
Des is happy to consider GSuite related work anywhere on the planet.

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